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Made Here

June 18, 2018
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There is a reason we believe in American manufacturing. We believe in the notion that "Made here," makes a difference.The idea that an American made product is a quality product has...taken a backseat in recent years. For reasons too numerous to count we've seen our ability to create and produce dwindle. Until now.To many across the globe, they speak of American arrogance as if it's a bad thing. We happen to think it's a good thing. We've fought off the largest empire the world has ever seen, who fielded the most advanced army and navy the world had ever seen, and we did it as farmers. We came in late to both World Wars, but utilizing our gigantic industrial potential, made an immediate impact and put the world on notice. Then came the space race. Initially, we were behind and the Russians were years ahead of us. Realizing the importance of that race, the United States vowed to put a man on the moon. And then we did.See, in our short and limited history, we've accomplished some pretty amazing things. When we put our heads together we crumble empires, win wars and put people on the moon. History was made here.

Made Here

The reason we have this "American arrogance" is that we've managed to compile a long list of accomplishments that other, older countries have not been able to replicate. We have the best from all over the world. The smartest, the most talented. People flock to our land still for the opportunity we provide.

Made Here

With that "arrogance" comes pride. A pride in our self, pride in our country. What we make exudes that pride. If "WE" make it, it's going to be of high quality, we have that internal, intrinsic motivation that we will always put forth the highest quality product. You don't need to tell a Grunt Style employee that something needs to be the highest caliber, they just make it that way because their name is attached to it. There is ownership of the quality and an unparalleled dedication to high standards.That is Grunt Style Manufacturing. Our gear is made here.

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