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February 16, 2018
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Take a page from the book of these cheerleaders. In the wake of the school shooting that claimed so many innocent lives, we at American Grit urged you to find the good people of this world by being them. We urged that you put aside your differences and stopped your shouting matches to be kind to one another. We're pretty sure these young women we're about to tell you about didn't read our article, but what they did goes hand in hand with how we believe we're supposed to represent the best humanity has to offer.In a simple, but powerful statement, cheerleaders from Hardin Central High School joined up with the one lone cheerleader from Northwestern High School during a basketball game and the two competitors, cheered for their teams as one. The high schools, located in Missouri were facing off in the championship basketball game when this extreme act of sportsmanship took place.This. This is what America is about. This is why we write, these are the stories we believe in. These young ladies knew the right thing to do and did it. Now in the overall scheme of world events, maybe this isn't that big of a deal and the world may not change, but that young cheerleader's life will definitely be affected. Affected in a way that we can for once say with pride, in a good way.There is so much negative in the world today. There are murders, car accidents, natural disasters and so much more that causes havoc in this world. Often we find ourselves feeling helpless against the ebbing of the universal tides that seem to cause horror and devastation on both small and large scales, but the example of these cheerleaders provides yet another example that we are capable of fighting back with kindness and good in our hearts!

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