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The Military Father

June 14, 2018
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You may not always have been home. War and strife in the world may have called you away time and time and again. It didn't stop us from knowing you loved us. We may have been angry or disillusioned as to why you were gone, but as we grew up we knew, the military father is a special thing. Your love for your children was demonstrated by your willingness to put yourselves in harm's way.We know your heart ached as you watched life happen in pictures or videos from across the globe. We know you wanted to be there for the first steps, first words all the way to first dates and graduation. Your duty called, though. And somehow we knew, through the distance through the hardship, we could feel the love you military fathers had for your children.You taught us about sacrifice and toughness, you taught us how to face down the bullies and stand up for ourselves. The world you knew was one of violence and terror, but you sought so greatly to shield us from that reality.This fathers day we thank you, the military father, for having a dedication to not only protect me but other children you didn't even know. Through your willingness to take the brunt of the evil in this world and be the shield you taught us to respect others and that all life had value. You taught us about the special taste of liberty and freedom.It was hard for both of us. We know you'd rather be home with us, but you also knew the world was a dangerous place. Thank you for doing the hard things in life, the things that many did not want to do, yet you went willingly to do your duty.Thank you, military fathers, for teaching us commitment. Thank you for teaching us that it takes all kinds of kinds.

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