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The Patriotic Father

June 14, 2018
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This may come as a shock, but it is actually difficult to join the military. Small little things like flat feet or a broken bone, surgery or anything of the sort can disqualify you from military service. And the other truth of the matter is that the military isn't for everyone, it takes all kinds of people to build and run this great nation. Enter the Patriotic Father.For whatever his reasons are it doesn't stop him from loving his country. Maybe he builds homes or designs aircraft carriers, who knows, but he loves this country. The Patriotic father shows his children that for all of our deficiencies, we're still a country that is full of opportunity. He teaches right from wrong, stands up for the little man, and fights against injustice. His actions have meaning far beyond what he may realize. He's raising up the next generation.He loves his country. His love is shown through his work ethic. Each day he's up working, by mind or might he provides for his family.It take's all kinds of kinds. It's a thing of beauty to see a man who can recognize the beauty of the opportunity we've been given without having seen the horrors of war. That kind of wisdom is special, and we are thankful to the men who imbue that sense of respect and honor to the children they raise. Happy Father's day to you unsung heroes who have raised up men and women who love this experiment we call the United States of America. We are proud of who you've raised us to be and how you've taught us through the years to be strong, generous, compassionate, tough and honorable. Truly we are thankful to you on this Father's Day. As sons, we hope to find it within ourselves to be at least half the men you were, that would be a success for us, and for daughters, to find men who live up to the standards you set.

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