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The Truth about Otto Warmbier's Care Bill

Veteran News
Veteran News
April 25, 2019
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All this over a poster. Folks, don't steal shit from oppressive regimes. Otto Warmbier died for a poster, a f***ing poster. And now North Korea wants us to foot the bill for his medical care. Like...I doubt we'll f***in' pay it because f*** North Korea (el oh el), nobody takes their shit seriously. It's like a kindergartener practicing his fighting skills against the tetherball on the school playground, except when it comes to North Korea, the tetherball whips ass.Even if the cost of Otto's medical bills were $2 million dollars, which we doubt they were because I mean cmon, do we really think that someone could rack up a 2 million dollars worth of medical debt in North Korea without spending at least three lifetimes there?And another thing, if they didn't want to care for him and he was costing Kim Jong-Un so much money, so much that North Korea decided to send an invoice to the United States for his medical care...why didn't they just you know...let him go..Because he stole a poster. Granted, not ok to steal anything and we're not defending that, but to beat and mistreat someone so bad over a poster that they warranted $2 million dollars worth of medical care...ok that's a bit overboard.We know the reason for his coma was due to an "unconfirmed cause". Little segway right quick, anytime someone says the cause of any coma was unconfirmed when a "healthy" young man is in the custody of an extremely brutal and repressive authoritarian regime...we all know what really happened. They beat him within a literal inch of his life.It's North Korea.Again we're not saying Otto Warmbier was totally innocent, but like c'mon man a poster...and North Korea basically beats the guy to death...what are they going to do to enforce the invoice? Fight us? Bring it, Turd Ferguson.F*** no. North Korea is lucky we don't send something worth a little under 2 million dollars there way for playin' this stupid bullshit with us.It's a tomahawk missile. It's worth roughly 1.4 million dollars that's what we'd send.This isn't so much about Otto because well, he did something really stupid in a foreign country and he paid the ultimate price for it, but more so about North Korea sending us the bill. North Korea can eat a dick for all I care.

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