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American Grit Podcast w/ Waco Hoover

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 25, 2023
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In this episode of American Grit, we are honored to have Marine Corps veteran Waco Hoover as our guest. Waco Hoover is a remarkable individual with a diverse background and extensive experience in various fields and joins us to discuss all things MCON ahead of its inaugural event is Las Vegas.

MCON is a full weekend designed by veterans to bring together the community for an epic celebration. Below you'll find more information about the events and activities. Visit to learn more.

About MCON

MCON was created by veterans to bring the military community together for an epic celebration.  

It's the only annual event celebrating what we love and miss about military culture. We’re an organization that values service, purpose, and sacrifice. Our mission is to create community, facilitate connection and improve the well-being of those who served and their families.  

Welcome Home.

About the American Grit Podcast

American Grit hosts tough and often avoided conversations with people of influence that look to illuminate our listeners by sharing information that directly impacts the Grunt Style Culture. Our guests come from all walks of life: Military Veterans, Law Enforcement, First Responders,Veteran Entrepreneurs,  Former DOD Chief of Staff’s, Skilled shooters , Professional wrestlers, Hall of Fame Martial Artist, Blue collar professionals and everyone in between.

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