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Ep 1 Grunt Style Foundation Mental Health Round Table

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 6, 2023
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Join us for Episode 1 of the Grunt Style Foundation Mental Health Round Table, hosted by the Grunt Style Foundation and in partnership with Stop Soldier Suicide. We’ll hear from Veteran Activists like U.S. Army veteran Boone Cutler, who is the Co-author of "The Citizen's Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare." This guide is a key to decoding the manipulation surrounding us, a manual for grasping the invisible threads that weave the fabric of our modern world.

Discover practical tools and strategies to empower your mental well-being beyond the uniform. Connect with fellow warriors and community leaders as we explore the challenges of post-service life and tap into your inherent strengths. Don't miss this opportunity to lead by example and take charge of your mental health journey.

Grunt Style Foundation

The Grunt Style Foundation is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to prioritizing Mental Health and Wellness for our Veterans and Service Members. At their core, they firmly believe that no veteran should ever be left without the support they need. Their mission revolves around providing life-changing resources and experiences that empower Veterans, Service Members, and their Families to thrive. They are proud to offer assistance in Military Transition & Sustainment, tackling Food Insecurities, and ensuring access to stable Housing. The Grunt Style Foundation is making a positive impact in the lives of those who have selflessly served our nation.

Donate today and help a veteran today.

Disclaimer: This program is intended solely to encourage and support individuals who are seeking overall well-being, mental and emotional resilience, and a healthy mindset. It is not a substitute for professional mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you or someone you know is in crisis or experiencing thoughts of suicide, please reach out to a mental health professional, a counselor, or a trusted individual who can provide immediate assistance. In case of an emergency, call your local emergency services or a crisis hotline, such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, or Text 988 for The Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. Remember that there are people who care about you and want to help. You are not alone in this. Please seek help immediately.

In the heart of every veteran and first responder lies a unique story, etched with the memorable  marks of courage, sacrifice, and resilience. These individuals, who have dedicated their lives to protecting and serving our communities and nation, often bear the weight of extraordinary traumas. Their paths are lined with challenges that can profoundly affect their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

The mission of the Grunt Style Foundation is rooted in unwavering support for these heroes, offering a lifeline to those who have selflessly given so much of themselves. As we walk this path alongside our fellow veterans and first responders, we recognize that true healing extends far beyond the confines of the physical body. It encompasses the intricate interplay of body, soul, and spirit, weaving a tapestry of holistic well-being that deserves our utmost attention.

The Triangular Compass: Holistic Healing of Body, Soul, and Spirit, the culmination of our collective efforts, seeks to address the intricate dimensions of well-being that are often overlooked. This book stands as a testament to our commitment to helping veterans and first responders not merely survive, but thrive. It is a beacon of hope, offering a roadmap towards rediscovering balance and harmony in their lives, even after enduring the most harrowing of experiences.

Throughout this series, you will find a tapestry of wisdom, insight, and practical guidance from experts in the field of holistic healing. From physical rehabilitation, productive activities and  nutrition to mindfulness, emotional resilience, and spiritual nourishment. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive toolkit that empowers those who have served to regain control of their lives.

Click here to visit the Triangular Compass resource.
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