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A Revolution We Can All Support

Veteran News
Veteran News
July 15, 2019
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Hong Kong, hell yeah. Get it! If this continues to escalate and eventually spill over into the fall of Communist China we won't even be mad that the CIA was probably most definitely involved in de-stabilizing and encouraging a coup. Why? Cause we hate Commies.For what seems like months now, protestors in Hong Kong have been quite rambunctious and uppity over a proposed extradition bill that would allow Beijing to prosecute and punish citizens of Hong Kong, which has a relatively free market economy and somewhat Democratic government. It's pretty technical and weird. Basically, Hong Kong gets to be a lot like it was during British rule, but Beijing does have the final authority...but they also...like don't at the same time. It's weird and we're honestly too dumb to explain it in full detail, but the important parts are as follows.Despite the extradition bill not passing due to mass protests in the city, the citizens of Hong Kong are apparently pissed that it even came to a vote. They are not happy with their representatives in the least bit. Tens of thousands of protestors clashed with police again this past weekend over the bill that would have seen them tried before a communist court instead of their local judicial system.Weird how Commies are trying to tighten their control right, can you sense our sarcasm? We always knew Beijing would try some shit like this, so in our minds, it's time someone fired up the helicopters if you catch our drift.We hope that the people of China see their brothers and sisters in Hong Kong and join in a glorious revolution that removes them damn Commies from power. It'd be a lot cooler than having us fight them in the next ten to twenty years or some shit, that's for sure.Plus, we'll run guns to China for the people...just kidding...or are we?

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