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Breaking: Jersey City Shooting

Veteran News
Veteran News
December 10, 2019
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Just a couple of hours ago, New Jersey police were in a standoff in a crowded neighborhood street in Jersey City with multiple shooters. Multiple people were shot, including two officers and two of the potential suspects.Police responded to reports of an active shooter situation happening at a local Greenville, NJ grocery store. During the shootout that ensued, one police officer was shot dead while another was sent to the hospital with a shoulder injury. Photos and videos of the scene show police blocking off the entire neighborhood. Citizens were said to be pushing against police barriers trying to get photos and videos of the chaos.One media outlet is stating the shooters arrived at the store in a U-Haul van, where they began to open fire. Multiple people are said to be dead within the store, different numbers are being reported at this time, but at least five. All of the surrounding schools went on lock down as the gun fight lasted for over an hour.Currently, it is being reported there were at least three shooters who entered the store, two males and one female. Two of them are reported to be among the dead in the store. As the Naval Air Station Pensacola shooting is still fresh, it is not believed this incident is terrorism related.It is truly sad and upsetting we have to continually report on these incidents, especially with this being the third shooting within a week. Our hearts go out to the New Jersey police and all affected as they attempt to identify exactly who was involved. This situation is still breaking and new reports are getting released by the minute. We will continue to monitor the situation and report on any additional updates.Stay safe out there folks and keep your head on a swivel at all times.

Editor's Note: We are now seeing reports that two additional police officers were injured, for a total of three. It is also believed the shootout between the suspects and officers began as a homicide investigation. We are also seeing differing reports on the number of suspected shooters involved, however, two of the dead have been confirmed as suspects.

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