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Breaking: Knife Attack at Paris Police HQ

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 3, 2019
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Four people, from a knife. Then the perpetrator was shot dead. The now-dead attacker was a longtime police employee. It's almost matter what restrictions are put in place, someone can still hurt others. The motive is still unknown.Good guys with guns did stop the attack. The attacker perforated appropriately by men and women (we weren't there) with firearms.In a world where this type of thing seems to be common (it really isn't, humanity has been steadily decreasing their violence since the dawn of time), we must ask the question;

"Why wouldn't you be armed?"

Everyone here, at our office, pretty much carry on a daily basis in some form or fashion. Not once have we had a disgruntled employee show up and stab folks, nor shoot at folks. Granted, this person went to a place where people were likely armed and the knife, was tactically speaking, a smart move because it doesn't make noise and alert everyone, but also, note how they only got four people instead of ten or more. I mean, the shooting that stopped that knife attack, that's a good shoot in our opinion, so why not equip others to respond appropriately. The police that shot the attacker likely used pistols. You know...not weapons of war.Hate to even remotely politicize this, but lives matter and disarming folks in a world that at times can be extremely hostile or dangerous, is like slathering up in bacon grease, attaching rotting chicken to your body and jumping into the ocean off the coast of South Africa, home to one of the largest populations of Great White sharks.This is truly sad, but in the end, it was ended by nearby people with guns. This attacker probably had a death wish anyway, we don't know, no manifesto has been published, but we need to stop discounting the use of a firearm as a tool for good.

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