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Breaking: London Bridge Attack

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 30, 2019
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Earlier Friday, a man armed with knives went through the city of London and stabbed people, killing two. The man was a previously convicted terrorist and he was taken down by citizens, then shot by police. The terror attack happened on the North end of the London Bridge.The terrorist began his acts at a University of Cambridge seminar aimed to help criminology students in their studies for prisoner rehabilitation. The attacker had been invited to attend. He started there before he ran down to London Bridge.It is said the attacker had knives taped to each hand and he stabbed a total of five people. The attacker was taken down by several bystanders. Additional bystanders are said to have stomped the knives out of his hands, but details are still being released.At some point after he was apprehended, police shot the terrorist dead. It was then discovered that he was part of a terrorist attack 10 years prior, at the age of 19, and he had been released from his sentence early. The terrorist is also said to have been wearing a fake suicide vest, which could explain shooting him over a full apprehension.It was also stated that several persons surrounding his previous case said he was the most dangerous out of his prior terrorism plots and he should have never been freed. The details of the attack are still being confirmed and police are verifying if he was working alone.Ultimately, we want to praise the citizens who took action. This could have been significantly worse had bystanders not intervened. While it could also lead to grave results, it is far better for the public to react toward danger.Several events now have proven that if the public comes together and reacts to these violent actions with a united force, they can over power the attacks and ensure minimal damage. The men and women that reacted were brave and used fire extinguishers to help apprehend the terrorist.London had just lowered their overall terrorism level from "severe" to "substantial" because overall, intelligence was showing a decrease in terrorism recruiting and attacks. We can only hope, despite this incident, that trend continues.Editor's Note: Once again, someone undeserving of any kind of recognition commits a devastating attack and we refuse to release the name to ensure that person receives zero infamy.

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