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Capitol Police Injured in Car Barricade Attack

Veteran News
Veteran News
April 2, 2021
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Today, A vehicle rammed a barricade at the US Capitol building. The driver was subsequently shot, and two Capitol Police officers were injured in the incident. Authority stating this occurred at a vehicle checkpoint near the Capitol building. The driver's motive is currently unknown.Initially, the origin of the shots were unknown. As a result, police quickly implemented a lockdown. Police released the following statement on Twitter:"CRITICAL INCIDENT: USCP is responding to the North Barricade vehicle access point along Independence Avenue for reports someone rammed a vehicle into two USCP officers. A suspect is in custody. Both officers are injured. All three have been transported to the hospital."They later release an amendment to the original statement by saying, "Correction: Constitution Avenue."They continued by adding, "Due to the external security threat at the North Barricade of the U.S. Capitol, the following road closures are in effect: -Constitution Avenue between Second Street NE and First Street NW. -First Street between Constitution Avenue NE and Independence Avenue SE."The tension has been running high in the region. Particularly following the deadly riots of January 6th, 2021. Extra security measures have remained in place since then. Many of the normal access points have remained closed. This incident will surely not help matter return to normal any faster.We will continue to monitor the story for more updates. We wish the officers injured a speedy recovery.

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The US Capitol Police (USCP) have been in the news quite a bit recently. They are certainly a unique law enforcement agency. Their primary jurisdiction is only about 270 acres. The Capitol grounds making up around 58 acres. Besides the famous domed building, they also protect adjacent federal buildings. These include, office buildings, and the Library of Congress. Over 2,000 officers currently serve in the USCP.According to their mission statement, they exist "To protect the Congress, its legislative processes, Members, employees, visitors, and facilities from crime, disruption, or terrorism."

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