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China Doubles Troops in Hong Kong

Veteran News
Veteran News
September 30, 2019
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Tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day...or maybe not. The 70th anniversary of the "People's Republic of China"...ok like...we know we've said this before, but doesn't it make everyone laugh when any tyrannical country adds either one or more misnomers to their name? Like People's Republic...if there is anything China is, it's not for the people, and it's definitely not a republic. Anyways, sorry about digressing right there, but honestly, People's c'mon man, we know China is literally none of that. Tomorrow is the 70th anniversary of when Mao Zedong got what we know as China started. Also, the protests in Hong Kong haven't stopped and tomorrow is like their 4th of July (except instead of celebrating freedom and liberty, they celebrate as they are told by the state).So what has gone on? Well, initially the protests were over an extradition bill that would enable mainland China to extradite someone from the special zone of Hong Kong. Hong Kong since they used to be a British colony, has some special privileges that regular China doesn't have, including their own set of laws. However, the extradition bill sought to overrule that autonomy and allow Beijing to arrest and extradite anyone who broke one of mainland China's laws, despite being in Hong Kong, where those laws don't apply. Are you following how fucking stupid this is? Like of course the motherfuckers in Hong Kong protested. That's some straight-up bullshit.

"Hey these are your laws, except like...not really, but they are, but also, these are your laws too."

Imagine having 2 sets of Federal Laws, whereby one, you could be tried, hanged and executed in the same day, wherein the other, you get this cool thing like a jury of your peers and something resembling a real justice system. Which one would you prefer?Anyways, after the bill was rescinded and China expected the protests to stop, except they didn't because apparently the Hong Kong police force was really fucking brutal to the protestors, so they (the protestors) just decided to go hard in the paint and demand 2nd Amendment rights while also, singing the national anthem of the United States...Them dudes and dudettes got some majorly giant balls.Tomorrow many people expect the confrontation to come to a violent and dastardly end as China won't stomach the defiance of Hong Kong on "How Fucking Great Is Communism Day".Allegedly, China has doubled its troop presence in Hong Kong, even though they have not stepped in yet, tomorrow may be the breaking point. Watch and see.It also may not, we've been wrong as fuck before and as much as we'd like to see the folks in Hong Kong shout "WOLVERINES" and fuck up the P.L.A., we doubt that will happen.

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