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China Gets Butthurt over a Picture

Veteran News
Veteran News
April 19, 2019
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When it comes to scaring China or making them really mad, you'd think us sailing our ships through the Strait of Taiwan would really be the thing that gets them riled up. And to be fair (cue everyone singing 'to be fair') it does get a prompt butthurt reaction from Beijing whenever we choose to flaunt some of our BDE in that area with our boats. However, if you really want to piss China off, just be a camera company by the name of Leica. The German company reallllly pissed off China when it's recent advertisement showed the infamous "Tank Man" from Tianneman Square.For those of you unfamiliar with "Tank Man" he is the guy that stood out in front of a column of tanks during the pro-democracy protests in Beijing in 1989. One man versus the big red Communist machine. This act of defiance, f**king PISSED China off. The man was ultimately arrested and nobody really knows what happened to him. Which in a Communist regime, pretty much means he died a really horrible death, despite the government saying that definitely didn't happen (if we were betting on it, we'd venture to say he definitely died).Anyways, Chinese users on the website Weibo have been condemning Leica for showing the picture, because well, if they applauded it, they'd share the same fate as "Tank Man". Chinese officials have also banned people from commenting on the video because who would want dissenting opinions on the way China murders...(oopsie did we tell the truth?) runs the country? Definitely not the Commies in charge, that's for damn sure.But here you have it, almost worse than pushing destroyers through the South China Sea, a picture, showing one man defying the Communist powers that be and the ever-present big brother that is China loses it's collective damn mind, censoring pretty much everything it can.And some idiots want that here. It's almost like they're complete and total morons...just kidding, they are complete and total morons and idiots.

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