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Surprise! China is Still a Bunch of Pricks

Veteran News
Veteran News
April 8, 2019
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It's not surprising to us that China is still a bunch of pricks. The world goes on condemning the United States for nearly every action or inaction we take. They get mad if we intervene, mad if we don't intervene. It seems that no matter how we react to any sort of global issue, that the rest of the world has their armchair quarterbacks telling us how we should or shouldn't act. Yet...here is China, a communist nation, who is jailing people for being even mildly critical of their military.Yes, if you made a crayon eater joke at the Chinese military's weak ass copy cat version of the United States Marine Corps, you could be looking at prison time. That's not U.S. prison where it's...like mildly safe...think relatively speaking, because we're pretty sure in a Chinese prison...when you're there as a political prisoner...which is what you're designated as if you disagree with the ever powerful and omniscient can do no wrong Communist Party lines, that you get the ever living dog shit beat out of you by the guards on a daily basis, and you quite possibly die.But again...the world says all of jack and shit about China doing this shit because everyone is afraid of the big bad Chinese dragon (we tried to be culturally sensitive so we used dragon instead of the wolf). Everyone except us. We're not scared of China for shit, especially as we've seen how shitty they pay their spies. At least if we recruit a spy from the other side, we set them up dope like...it pays to be friends with America, we have a huge pocketbook for the good kind of spy, or so we've been lead to believe by many egregious Hollywood spy thriller moving pictures.So while China isn't trying to lay claim to an international trade route, take over Taiwan, steal secrets from the United States, they're busy shitting on their own populace, like usually because hey, what good is a Communist country without being able to abuse your citizenry and jail them for disagreeing with the state.Solid move China...assholes.

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