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China Fines Church for Wrong Version of Bible

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 31, 2019
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This is one of those stories where the headline is basically all you need to know to get the full scope of the story. You don't even have to read what we write here because again, the headline is basically the gist of the story about how a church in China was fined for having an unauthorized copy of the Bible. If you'd like to read more though, please continue and we'll provide some details for you. The church in question, Protestant Three-Self Church in Liaoning.See the thing about religion in China...they have freedom of as long as you have the state-sanctioned sacred texts of whatever religion you'd like to practice. You can't buy like...a Bible printed outside of China or a Quran of the same. Every sacred text that you are allowed to have must be an official state-sanctioned version, published by the Communist Party, who then adds shit about how great Communism is and how we should all submit to Xi Jinping.That's why no other religious texts are allowed in the country because anything that doesn't allow the state to reign supreme needs to be stopped at the source by the government. The state would have the people believe that the state and the state alone are their people's only path to salvation, the only true and real power in the universe is the state. Fuck that noise.So with the above information now being known, it's no surprise that a church found to be in possession of Bibles from South Korea was fined $1,400. Imagine that. Living in a place where having any writing other than the state-sanctioned text comes with a solid fine.You might be thinking, that in the overall scheme of things, $1,400 isn't THAT much money, but then you remember why they were fined that amount. For having a book the government doesn't like. That's the crux of this whole issue. The government is fining people for having a book they don't like. What a bunch of fucking assholes.

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