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COVID Chess: What's the Next Move?

Veteran News
Veteran News
April 13, 2020
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Reading headlines truly makes it feel like we are in a gigantic game of chess. Should we begin to reopen yet? Well, if we make that move, we risk COVID-19 making a comeback and taking out more. If we don't, then we risk losing what little economy we have left.Rook to Knight 4... Okay, you got us... We are not chess players, but it feels like it. We know there are many people who have been feeling the effects of the quarantines and lockdowns for over a month. Financially, mentally, physically- lots of people are suffering right now.So what's next? Watching other countries loosen restrictions and attempt to reclaim "normal" seems like they are failing. China is, well.... nevermind. But locations like South Korea having over 100 "cured" patients get reinfected, or Spain and Italy who suffered the worst attempting to reopen slowly... Seems like we need more time.More time will only hurt our economy and those that own small businesses even more. There are already businesses and people who will not be able to bounce back from this. It was also reported that one third of renters are not able to make their rent so if we stay in this "recession" it will only get worse and worse.You also have to think about the implications of international travel if we decide to loosen restrictions. Will other countries having reinfections and being able to travel affect us on a large scale? Should we monitor Italy and Spain for a week to see if they follow the same trends as China and South Korea so far?Either way, people will suffer. The other hand begs the question about so many liberties getting taken away during these lockdowns. Is it really for our personal well-being? Many state and country officials are grappling with these decisions now.Whatever the decision is, we will all be affected. Whether it is to allow the restrictions to ease and people to move more freely again, risking additional exposure; or continue to lockdown and hope the current yet extremely slow decline becomes a growing trend.So, what's our next move? How do we effectively reopen our businesses and economies while doing our best to also limit the spread? Or, do we wait it out? We know most just want the whole thing to be over with, but what's the smart play here? After all, we are in a giant game of COVID-19 chess...Drop a comment!

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