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Does This Venezuelan General Have Any Sway? [Video]

Veteran News
Veteran News
May 13, 2019
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For shit's sake (big sigh). Here we come swinging back around to Venezuela. A Venezuelan general from the air force by the name of Ramon Rangel has called upon the Venezuelan military to fight back against Maduro. This is kind of a weird development, as of last week, only handfuls of National Guard/National Police had switched sides. In fact, most troop commanders have stayed pretty loyal to Maduro, the ones that haven't...most of them have left.But when an APC, which was probably driven by that one dick in the unit who seriously is an asshole (and everyone thinks so, not just like two or three dudes, everyone hates that guy), starts running over your countrymen, maybe you start thinking about switching sides. Truth be told, this is certain to continue to be a wild ass shit show in which no real solution seems to be on the horizon. Which means what exactly? A lot more people are probably going to die. Hope that turns out to be false, but taking a lesson from history would suggest that coups or...revolutions, or whatever we want to call it where a tyrant is removed from power, usually cost a hefty sum of human lives.Does this new Venezuelan Air Force general's call to revolt change anything? Only time will tell. If more members of the military switch sides and start doing their best impressions of Augusto Pinochet (he is famous for throwing Communists out of helicopters), then obviously this general dude has some sway. If none of them do, then obviously, nobody likes him and they are content to watch Communists further ruin their country.

With how the whole situation has played out, we're not really sure of what is going to happen, however, we know that when you combine shit, with more shit, on top of shit...chances are you're not going to get a gourmet wedding cake out of the whole deal if you catch our drift. This shit show is likely to go on for quite some time if things continue to progress as slowly as they have.

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