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Dude Gets Ventilated at ICE Detention Center

Veteran News
Veteran News
July 15, 2019
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Weird how it's been working out lately when violent shitheads start attacking places with armed guards. Will Van Spronsen got properly ventilated like a house full of smoke and combustible shit keepin' the interior attack company down when he attacked an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington using multiple improvised incendiary devices and a rifle.In case we haven't noticed a pattern, let us spell it out for you. When there are dudes and dudettes with gats, that know how to use them, perpetrators of violent crimes, usually don't walk away. They get that boom boom pow street justice quick fast and in a hurry. They get more holes put in them than a Connect Four board.Since this seems to be the case, let us make two points and ensure that Will Van Spronsen is remembered for gettin' got when he did some dumb shit.First point. It seems that attacking places where the people who are armed to prevent violence, actually do some shit about the violence instead of cowering behind a pillar ends up with the bad guy getting ghosted in relatively short order. It's almost like having trained personnel with firearms do thwart active shooter situations. Who would have thought that one with a metaphorical sword could defend themselves and others against a violent piece of fuck with a metaphorical sword? WHAT A CRAZY NONSENSICAL IDEA!Second point. People that want to do bad shit will always and forever find ways to do dumb shit. Although the walking clusterfluck had a weapon on him, he used improvised incendiary devices. Man, if only there was a law against improvised incendiary devices...oh wait. Washington state law prohibits them...see for yourself with this here. Turns out it's a Class B Felony.Weird how making things against the law doesn't stop people from getting their hands on them, creating them or using them.If only we didn't infringe on the rights of citizens to own and carry weapons so that they may protect themselves...if only.

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