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Due Process: Even for People We Don't Like

Veteran News
Veteran News
September 12, 2019
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Sorry for mentioning the NFL, we know half of you won't read the rest of this because of three letters put in sequence next to each other. Ugh...can't believe we're going to write about this. Ok, here it goes. Antonio Brown...for one second let's drop the "I'm not gonna watch the NFL anymore," tirades and pay attention to this shit. It's fucking important, not because of who is involved, but also because of who is involved. What a predicament!See it doesn't matter who, because it could be any one of us, but it is important who because right now he is almost universally reviled in one way or the other. (People who hate the NFL and who hate Antonio Brown).A lot of people already hate NFL players because they are seen as entitled brats who get away with doing whatever they like. That's an opinion. A lot of people who still watch the NFL, hate Antonio Brown because he seems like a really giant douche bag. That's an opinion. Now, Antonio is at the center of an accusation of sexual misconduct with a former trainer and people are already assuming he's guilty. That's not cool.What we're about to say is the important part.LET. THE. FACTS. COME. OUT. BEFORE. MAKING. YOUR. JUDGMENTS. Respect due process. He may be an entitled, childish asshole, and while that sucks, it's not criminal. Let the facts come out. Don't sully the judiciary's process by already making up your mind on if he's guilty or not. We know it's a lot to ask for patience and to not fall into the whims of your preconceived opinions, but we're asking nicely so that if you're ever under the microscope, it doesn't get done to you.Yeah, you read that right. Here we are defending someones right to due process before their career gets ruined. Why? Because any one of us, male, female, unknown, whatever the fuck you want to be, have come into contact with spiteful people, and when the opportunity is right, they'll try to use whatever they can to burn you. Sucks right? It's a shit world sometimes. But we must defend due process, even for people we don't like or respect.Spiteful people exist and we all make mistakes. If we like, we have been (collectively as a nation, not us here at AG), choose to cast judgment before the facts are known, we are no better than any tinpot dictator, or Communist that we allegedly hate. Weird how we all have those bits of tyranny hidden within us for the people we don't like. Good thing that we have that cool thing called due process to protect us against vengeful, spiteful, tyrannical tendencies of others.So, love the NFL, hate the NFL, don't care about the the various forms of sportsball one way or the other, love Antonio Brown, hate Antonio Brown...wherever you stand on that spectrum, even though we don't really WANT to do it, we must protect due process, even for people we don't like.Sorry for talking about the NFL, we know everyone hates them or at least pretends to on social media.

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