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East Coast vs. West Coast

Active Military
Active Military
January 10, 2019
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Long hath the debate raged. Parris Island Marines versus San Diego Marines. East versus West in a battle that has raged ever since there were two coasts where Marines were made. We'll tell you straight up, Marines compete in everything. From who can throw the rock and land it closest to the rattlesnakes found at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms when everyone went to either CAX (Combined Arms Exercise) or Mojave Viper, OR, who had the most difficult boot camp experience.The case for the east coast is pretty plain and simple. The sand fleas and the swamps, along with the tradition of being the oldest recruit depot for the Marine Corps, Parris Island Marines have a sense of pride that according to West Coast Marines is largely unfounded. Also according to the Parris Island Marines, the swamp and the heat combine to make some rather unenjoyable humid weather.Why? Might you ask...aren't we all on the same team? To which the Marines from both sides would reply;

"Shutup Airman!" 

Regarding the West Coast, well for one, West Coast Marines are tormented daily by the flights leaving Lindbergh Field (San Diego International Airport) as the depot sits literally right next to the runways. Every time a plane takes off a recruit looks longingly up and wishes if only for a moment, he had joined the Air Force. Also, California is hot too, except in addition to the heat, there are literally mountains. Hell, we could walk all day on flat land like at Parris Island, but have you heard of this thing called the Reaper? Or Mount Motherf***er? Or Anklebreaker? Finally...California is a beautiful place, beautiful beaches, beautiful women and all of it, you can't have or touch.

Parris Island doesn't raise your hopes and dash them, it's a shitty place to begin with and you know it is. San Diego gets your hopes you and then dashes them continually.What say you Marines?!

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