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Even a Blind Squirrel Finds a Nut

Veteran News
Veteran News
March 6, 2019
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And a broken clock is right twice a f***in' day. And TSA found an RPG...replica. So why should we be surprised when TSA actually does their job instead of giving me the champagne room treatment? We shouldn't...except they're not going to get like...a ton of kudos from us because, how the hell could you not catch a guy with a rocket launcher in his checked bag at Lehigh Valley International Airport (just north of Philadelphia) We've never had them physically check our bags when they check our bags (wink), but that's probably because our bags weren't carrying an RPG...replica.To be fair though, how it would have gotten through the security measures for checked bags...we don't know, they x-ray those things just like they x-ray your carry-on and scan your body to see if you could actually make it as an exotic dancer (they told us to stick to our day job, we told them we weren't very good at that either). There aren't a ton of household or travel items that look like an RPG though.The Florida man...look, quick segway, Florida, if you want us to stop making fun of you for dumb shit...stop doing dumb shit. We know there are good people in your state, but Florida, c'mon guys, police your own.The Florida man thought that replicas of weapons were allowed in checked baggage and once the 'RPG' was inspected and found to be a high-quality replica...the Florida man was allowed to continue on his flight and to his home in Florida...where he no doubt, had other sketchy shit to do.Details on whether or not he was felt up as an additional security measure were not made readily available, but we have very little doubt in our mind that somebody got the extra special treatment that you normally gotta pay double for.People...remember, if you try to bring an RPG on an aircraft, real or replica, you're going to have a bad time. You'd think we wouldn't have to tell people this shit.

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