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Face Masks to be Banned in Hong Kong

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 4, 2019
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George Orwell lies in his grave fully vindicated in his assessment of where society was headed. The joke goes, "1984 is a warning, not an instruction manual." Not so funny is it now? Not so funny as we watch a city in turmoil demanding liberty, demanding democracy, and demanding that their natural rights be respected fall into the crosshairs of an ever-encroaching authoritarian regime. It's not so funny to watch a video of people fighting against tyranny while we sit in comfort and they get abused for merely wanting what we've been blessed to have from birth, at least in some small part.Sounds silly right, to get worked up over the government telling you that you're not allowed to wear, like "It's no big deal bruh, it's just a face mask." Ok, maybe the incredulous random reader is right, it's not a big deal, just a face mask. Until we remember that it's China and absolutely nothing happened June 4th, 1989 in Beijing. Wink wink, nudge nudge, cough Tiananmen Square cough.We all know why China is saying face masks are banned. They want to identify the protestors, they dissenting voices demanding democracy, demanding liberty. Question readers, what happens to dissenters in Communist nations? Have you ever heard of a dissenting voice having a happy ending to their story in a Communist nation?If you feel like it's dumb to get really worked up about this, then you're right it is dumb. It's not happening on our shores and it's not happening to us. It's easy to brush it off and wish them our best THOTs (that's a pun) But...If you ever find yourself under the thumb of a government who says that any article of clothing is unilaterally banned, then you might be living under tyranny.The more you know...

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