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FBI Bars Chinese Scholars from Entry

Veteran News
Veteran News
April 15, 2019
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So, in keeping with typical governmental efficiency, the FBI (no not Female Body Inspector) has barred several scholars from China from entering the United States amid spying concerns. Let's rewind this V.H.S back to the '90s when they first breached sensitive data at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Maybe that should have been our first indicator that "Hey, China is trying to steal our shit." But in keeping with the nature of the feds, they waited some 30 odd years before doing something about it.You might be wondering why we're so damn salty over the FBI. taking so long to do something about the wanton spying by China. Well, see there is this place called Taiwan, and a body of water that separates Taiwan from China. We unofficially, officially support Taiwan. And in case you haven't been paying attention lately, some shit is primed to go down in that area. China has modernized its military at a rapid pace with new technology that we thought they were decades away from developing...but hey they have it now...wonder why...With the news of three Chinese spies in the last year blanketing our newsfeeds and the recent incident at Mar-A-Lago (where no espionage charges will be wtf), it's almost like China has been taking our shit for quite some time. Hence the rapid modernization of their military and the militarization of several artificial islands in the South China Sea. Weird right?So great job FBI we're glad that after nearly 30 years of China stealing our shit, you're finally taking some action on the issue. Can we all just get a nice solid slow clap for the FBI on their rapid reaction to what seems to us should be a national security issue? Just real solid work. (Obvious sarcasm should be obvious)We know it's easy to take pop shots at the FBI and armchair quarterback especially not knowing all the details, but maybe...just maybe...this should have been done several years ago. Just a thought.

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