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A Challenge We Can Get Behind

Veteran News
Veteran News
March 12, 2019
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In the entirety of social media, we haven't seen many challenges that actually do anything decent or good for the world, aside from the ALS challenge which raised around $115 million, the other challenges are basically just Darwin challenges on steroids. If you're dumb enough to do x,y,z then you probably shouldn't procreate or exist. HOWEVER, the trashtag challenge is something we can get behind.What is this challenge you ask? Well, it's not as trashy as it sounds and it is just as trashy as it sounds, oxymoronic to the millionth f***in degree here. What you do is you start off by taking a picture of your park or beach or an area that's all f***ed up like a football bat. Then you clean that area up. Simple right? After you're done cleaning up the area, you take a picture of the clean park, beach or whatever and then post the before and after on your social media with the pound sign and the words trashtag. Hooray, you're not nearly as big of a piece of shit as you were before the cleanup.While many will get self righteous and say you should just do that shit on your own without posting to social media, we get it. We're in total agreement. BUT, we're just glad that people are cleaning up areas, and so what if they get a little notoriety on Facebook for doing a good deed. Is the park, beach or area any less clean because they made a post about it? No, it is not, so take your outrage culture somewhere else douchebag.So maybe we should all wake up early on a nice day before it gets to be a billion f***in degrees go to some shitty place in our community and clean it up, then drink a shitload of beer and eat bacon and steak and tacos and whatever the f*** else you want to eat. Just don't make a mess to replace the one you cleaned up that morning.In a world full of morons who every single day give credence to the idea that we need a new plague, this is one viral trend we can wholeheartedly get behind.

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