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Hong Kong Doesn't Give Two Flying Sh*ts

Veteran News
Veteran News
September 6, 2019
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I was wrong...sorta...Hong Kong has not stopped protesting as I thought they might. Despite Carrie Lam withdrawing the extradition bill that caused such upheaval in the first place, we are now seeing that the people of Hong Kong don't give two flying shits about what's being done to appease them. They've had their taste of liberty and now they want nothing else but liberty. So the protests are continuing, likely through the weekend and onward.Now it is not just the extradition bill that the citizens of Hong Kong are angry about anymore. They are fookin' pissed off and rightly so over how the Hong Kong police treated them. They remember during the protests, prior to the bill being withdrawn, how the police in Hong Kong were used to violently suppress their protests. Motherfuckers don't forget in Hong Kong.Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, enjoy watching a people legitimately stand up for their rights against all odds.Most of us watching back in the states have long feared for the citizens of Hong Kong and their safety. Despite how we as a country, like to placate China and pretend they are not the big bad that they actually are since we buy all of our shit from them...we all know big China is big mad. But here is the great part and it truly is tragically beautiful.Hong Kong doesn't give two flying shits if they get massacred...or at least that's what it looks like. What started off as protests against an extradition bill, have morphed into something more where they are in love with the IDEA of the United States and the liberty we represent. They stand defiantly giving both middle fingers not only to their local government but at Beijing as well. Just straight up rocking the double middle fingers and waving them around like they just don't care.Many protestors look at the governments moves to appease them as way too little, way too late and rightly so. However this turns out, those dudes and dudettes are rocking the gnarly freedom Spirit of 1775 in their hearts, saying 'give me liberty or death'.

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