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Hong Kong Wins (Sort of) for Now

Veteran News
Veteran News
September 4, 2019
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Well, the person who sparked the protests in Hong Kong has withdrawn the extradition bill that caused so much upheaval and discontent among the people of Hong Kong. Carrie Lam, has rescinded the extradition bill that would have allowed China to extradite people from Hong Kong and try them under regular ol' commie law instead of the laws they live under in Hong Kong which are decidedly less severe.It is a victory...sort of...for now...until Big China decides they want to be BIG MAD about the blatant affront to their authority. You know the things like singing their biggest rivals national anthem or demanding gun rights.Hopefully, they realized how horrible genocide would look on their a time where everything and everyone is so interconnected. It's not like it's you know...1989 where you could just indiscriminately murder people who stand up to your repressive regime without the whole world knowing. Now if they murder deathed the entirety of Hong Kong, people around the world would know and there would definitely be some consequences.So China has two decisions to make. Murder death everyone and risk the entire world realizing what we all know and few will admit, that China, despite being our biggest trade partner, is a brutally repressive regime that has murdered millions of its own people. Because thats what Commies do. Orrrrrr...capitulate like little baby back bitches and truth be told, if big China is gonna crumble before the protestors of Hong Kong, then they definitely don't have the cohones to sink one of our aircraft carriers, because we'll do more than ruin their facial recognition towers.We're betting that Hong Kong gets the "W" in the short term, and we're hoping so, but...also...hope isn't a plan. The question is, will China forgive and forget, or will this fester in their Commie brains until they must retaliate. So, the protestors win...sort of...for now.

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