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Indiana Teachers Upset Over Injuries During Active Shooter Training

Veteran News
Veteran News
March 22, 2019
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This active shooter training in Indiana "injured" some teachers. The sculptors of our future are not warriors. They're not running gunning, hopping popping, shooting looting, thriller killers. I don't expect them to act like the former either. I don't. I don't know their backgrounds or their experience...but I do know this. Getting shot by an airsoft pellet does not cause injuries unless it's shot directly into your eyeball at point blank range. It stings a little bit sure...but injuries...that seems a little exaggerated.The training that took place was to prepare Indiana teachers for the possibility of an active shooter. They were shot at point black range (probably not in the eye) with airsoft guns to illustrate what would happen should they not fight back against an active shooter. Now they are complaining about injuries.Given the aforementioned disclaimer that I know these people are not big dick pipe layers smokin' Taliban Sam, what a bunch of weak ass "mayonnaise is spicy" people. Do you know what hurts more than airsoft? Real bullets.Should teachers have to endure this type of training and deal with the possibility of this happening? Absolutely f***in' not. Let us reiterate, ABSOLUTELY NOT! But alas here we are in an imperfect world where people can get the notoriety and attention they crave, that ever so coveted dopamine hit, by committing mass acts of violence. It's a shit situation. A situation that banning guns will do nothing to fix because of this handy thing called the black market.As many in our community of veterans know, pain retains. Take those "injuries" as a learning experience on what not to do, because seriously, and unfortunately your life and the lives of many others may depend on you to sack up and fight back instead of cowering in a corner.It's not a game, it's the world we live in where attention is king and mental cases will go violent just to earn 15 minutes of fame. Take some Viagra and harden the hell up.

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