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Iran Assists Foreign Oil Tanker - Implications

Veteran News
Veteran News
July 18, 2019
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Nothing like the help of the Islamic Republic of Iran to really make your day. An unnamed oil tanker sent a distress signal while in the Persian Gulf. Upon receiving that distress call, Iranian naval ships made their way to the vessel and then towed the vessel into Iranian waters. Once there, Iran seized the tanker and asserted that it was smuggling fuel.State television from Iran had this to say;“A foreign vessel smuggling one million litres of fuel in the Larak Island of the Persian Gulf has been seized.”These have got to be literally the worst smugglers on the planet if they were in fact "smuggling" fuel. Nothing says "I don't have fuel onboard" like being a tanker capable of holding the 1 million liters of oil that was seized. That or, they weren't smuggling shit and Iran just basically stole 1 million liters of oil. Can we...can we guess which one we're going to go with?That's right, Iran just stole a shitload of fuel.The fact that all of this happened on Sunday and is just now being reported on by Reuters and the Associated Press, kind of tells you everything you need to know about Iran's intentions. Angry about the sanctions and whatnot, Iran is doing it's best to act out and punish the rest of the world until America plays ball with them.The only problem is, we don't see us playing ball with Iran unless they agree to like, never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever build a nuclear weapon AND for their proxies like Hamas and Hezbollah to stop their bullshit. Shit'll never happen.We'll add this little caveat in though. Since the details are stupid sketchy surrounding this, we could be like totally wrong, but so far the name of the ship has not been released, nor it's nationality...soo we're all just kind of sitting here with our thumbs up our butts waiting for more information.

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