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Iran to Withdraw from Nuclear Deal: What's Next?

Veteran News
Veteran News
May 8, 2019
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That won't be the only thing pullin' out today! Oh man, just kidding we don't do that. Now since many people probably only read the headline, those of you who've actually clicked the link...are you surprised? Are you...are you really surprised? We're not. In fact, most headlines nowadays don't shock us. Even our friends at the Duffelblog hit a little too close to home sometimes and have us questioning if they've switched over to a legitimate news site.So when Iran announces that they don't really like the restrictions put on them via the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA) or in laymans terms the Iran Nuclear Deal and set a 60-day deadline to renegotiate, we muttered to ourselves "Yup, that seems about par for the course." Why? Because in super duper cool sounding intel person speech, Iran is a hostile/bad actor. And they have been bad actors since 1979. So again, NOT SURPRISING.The big change that is slightly concerning is that they'll be keeping the excess uranium and heavy water from the program and the Chinese will stop redesigning the Arak Heavy Water Nuclear Reactor. That reactor produces plutonium which in turn could be used to create nuclear weapons.Could this move by Iran be part of the intel that the United States received regarding 'plans' for an attack on US forces? First, they pull out of the JCPA, then they start attacking countries they don't like? Who knows anymore? This world has more cloak and dagger tomfoolery than Archer. As we stated in earlier paragraphs, we're not even surprised by the outright outlandish dumb shit (including us sometimes) that countries do. We may be in 2019, but apparently, all of the world leaders are stuck in the 1980's doing copious amounts of cocaine and saying "F*** it, let's roll the dice and see what X country will do if we do Y." So in summation, should you be, probably not more than you're already worried. Whatever your worry level is...we'd keep it at that until some dumfuk actually accidentally shoots the wrong guy and triggers WW3. Until then...all we're really doing is hyping up the end of the world.

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