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Iraq Not Takin' It Lying Down - Pushing Back

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 15, 2019
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Anti-governmental protestors in Iraq were not playing earlier this week when one dude showed up with a lion. Yeah. A lion. This raises so many questions because like...we know Saudi princes and oil barons have lions and shit...but like...where did this dude get a lion?It's pretty obvious that like, super-wealthy people in the middle east can afford like...the care involved with having a know like a proper place for it to sleep and roam around to get exercise without feating on humanity...we've seen the videos on YouTube of those Saudi princes and shit with lions and cheetahs and all sorts of crazy animals, but here we just have an average dude, tired of the governments shit, showing up with a lion.Also, the lion appears to be like...somewhat under also not. As you can see in the video, homie draped his lion in an Iraqi flag, which makes sense. If you're gonna rock a lion, you gotta dress it up to look cool, right? Aren't those the rules for bringing a lion to a protest? Make sure the lion looks all regal and shit, like the true king of the jungle?

MEANWHILE IN #IRAQIraqi protesters bring LION to the protesting areas after security forces intervened protests with Police dogs.

— Fatih (@fatihcagrii) November 14, 2019

As you can see in the video the lion was not necessarily loyal to the protestors cause as a whole, but rather just kinda-sorta loyal to the dude holding his chain...for the time being. Back to our questions about ol' regular dude showing up with a lion. We're gonna make a few assumptions in order to ask a few questions...don't worry our assumptions are kinda logical.First off, we doubt this dude was driving to the protests, saw the lion, thought to himself "You know what I could use at these protests, a fuckin lion," fed it some bologna, got the lion into the back seat of his car and went to the protests. We're going to assume that this guy has had a lion for a while...again, he's not some super-rich Saudi prince, he's just a regular dude from Iraq. So for all our regular dudes out there reading this...where does homeboy keep his pet lion that he looks like he's owned for a while? In his small ass backyard? Lot's of us have been to Iraq, not a whole lotta regular dudes with a ton of land for a lion. Does this dude have kids, does the lion babysit? Is there a cool baboon with a staff that also lives at the house with ol' regular dude? Is there also a warthog and meerkat chillin' at this dudes place too?So many questions that we just don't have answers to.

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