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Jeffrey Epstein Found Injured in Jail Cell

Veteran News
Veteran News
July 25, 2019
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Well like first know...good. Jeffrey Epstein is a piece of shit. But remember, NOT BEFORE HE TESTIFIES TO BRING EVERY SINGLE PEDO DOWN. Crazy how people who could potentially hurt people in power seem to always like, want to commit suicide which is what investigators are thinking due to the injuries around Jeffrey's neck. However, there is someone that's being investigated for attempting to suicide ol Pedo Jeffrey.Late last night jailers found Epstein blue in the face and in the fetal position with several neck injuries, which led everyone to mostly believe he tried to kill himself, but you sometimes when you can put certain people in jail for a long time, other people get hired to help "convince" you that suicide is you know, your best option, instead of testifying.Either Jeffrey is really sad that he's a pedophile or we and the millions of other people who have at least one functioning brain cell were pretty spot on when we assumed he'd get "suicided" by the powers that be. Gee, we all wonder who would dare suicide someone who had incriminating evidence on them...*Jeopardy music plays*The inmate that's being investigated for a possible assault, or what we like to call "suicide encouragement" is none other than former police officer Nicholas Tartaglione who is in jail for killing people...hmmmHmmmmmm.....HMMMMMMMM. Pardon our incoming sarcasm. WOW HOW TOTALLY SHOCKING THAT A MURDERER MIGHT POSSIBLY HAVE ATTEMPTED TO KILL A PEDOPHILE...Whether he was paid for his services or not, is up for debate, but it can't be a great way to start a conversation with anyone else in the jail, knowing how they treat pedos.

Nicholas: "Hi I'm Nicholas, I'm here for murder, what about you?"Jeff: "Oh, Hi Nich, I'm uh...uh..I diddled kids."Nicholas: *murder noises*

We're all good with dude getting wrecked by the inmates, just, please, if they could hold off on removing his soul from this terrestrial plane until he ensures that everyone involved goes down with him? Kthxplsandthnku.

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