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Justice for Cyntoia Brown

Veteran News
Veteran News
August 7, 2019
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First off, she shouldn't have ever been jailed in the first place. Johnny Allen was shot dead by Cyntoia Brown after he picked her up for sex. Cyntoia Brown ran away from home and linked up with a man who became her pimp and started selling her for sex at the age of 16. Was it the best choice to run away? No. Did that excuse Mr. "Cut Throat" for using her as a prostitute? No.We all make bad decisions when we're teenagers. We don't know Cyntoia's home life and we won't pretend to. But, we do know that 'Cut Throat' is a piece of shit for selling underage girls to other dudes for sex. The only bad part of this story is she didn't get to gun him down too. That would have just been...excellent in our opinion.However, the ass-backward courts royally screwed the pooch and sentenced Cyntoia to life in prison for the death of Johnny Allen. Prosecutors said that she wanted to merely rob Johnny Allen of his two rifles and $172. Not sure what world the prosecutors are living in, but you can't get very far on $172 and a few hunting rifles. Truthfully in our opinion, she did the world a favor. Pedophile dead, easy peasy lemon squeezy for us.Although Cyntoia says what she did was wrong, we couldn't disagree with her more. Dudes that whore out kids and have sex with kids have got to go. If any of you faithful readers ever end up in her position, don't feel bad. You did the right thing.Luckily, after pressure from a ton of "influential" celebrities, Cyntoia was released after only serving 15 years of her life sentence, and she'll have to be on parole for the next 10 years.Seems like some bullshit to us. Just because she made a poor choice to run away from home doesn't excuse the actions of anyone involved in her abuse and rape. It doesn't change the fact that Johnny Allen was a pedophile and whoever the fuck "Cut Throat" is, he should share the same fate as Johnny. Cyntoia lost 15 years of her life due to these two assholes and to us, that's far from justice for Cyntoia Brown.

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