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Mars Rover in Danger: What's Next?

Veteran News
Veteran News
June 12, 2018
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Danger Will Robinson, danger! Just kidding. Really though, we know it's just a little robot, but we've never felt more scared for a nonsentient being than we do right now. The Mars Rover "Opportunity" is in danger. It's silly right, to be concerned about a robot. We know. But if you watched battle bots and didn't have a favorite robot then you can't tell us you don't get somewhat attached to the little guys.It's the same reason we couldn't stand to see any harm come to R2D2 or even the new iteration, BB8. As unlikely as it seems, we're pretty sure we equate robots to a little less than dogs, and a little bit more than cats (unless the cat is like, a lion or tiger). We digress.A large dust storm is approaching the Mars Rover "Opportunity" and threatens to destroy our precious and intrepid little explorer. The batteries which are powered by solar panels could endure extreme damage as the weather on Mars intensifies. "Opportunity" has basically sheltered in place as the weather grows more and more intense.

Mars Rover

It's made it through a few storms before, but this one is by far the largest and most dangerous to the little guy. Is a robot a guy or girl? We don't know. We're gonna go with a guy because he has a rather large...antenna, so that means it's a boy robot right?Either way here's to hoping that the rover has enough juice to keep the batteries warm and prevent them from totally going kaput. "Opportunity" seems to be the real-life version of Wall-E as the rover's original mission was only supposed to last 90 days. Except it's been 15 years, and he's kept going and going.Like we said, we know it's silly to get worried about a robot, but for a little machine that's done so much as far as giving us new insights to the red planet...we've grown kind of attached to him.

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