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New Jersey Gun Laws

Veteran News
Veteran News
April 23, 2019
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Look, let's all take a moment and recognize that almost any and all northeastern coastal states have a problem with people owning a firearm. Just not something they are super jazzed about if you catch our drift. We already know their a bunch of anti-gunners...well at least for us common folk, if you're part of the elite upper crust of society there, then you's totally cool to have bodyguards with full-auto FN P90s or H&K MP7s, might even go back a decade and rock the MP5...but if you're one of us f***in' peasants...shit just got more difficult for you in New Jersey?Why? Well...usually the cost to get a permit to carry a firearm in New Jersey costs an Andrew Jackson. A firearm ID card...costs about the same as a latte at Starbucks. To simply own a firearm permit, the cost is a whole whopping two dollar make ya holla'. about to change. Why? New Jersey wants to stem the tide of illegal guns and reduce gun violence so what will they do? Well, they won't tell you that you're not allowed to OWN a gun...but rather, they'll just charge you higher fees. Why? Because poor people aren't responsible enough to own least according to the lawmakers in New Jersey.Now a permit to carry will cost you a smooth $400. A firearm identification card will now cost $100. And last but not least the firearm owners permit will cost you $50. Isn't that a nice "How do ya do?" What sort of backasswards elitist bullshit is that?See amidst the clashes in media and the recent Supreme Court rulings in support of the 2nd Amendment, gun grabbers have tried to get cute. Some will still tell you that you don't need this gun or that gun, but some...some will try to hoodwink you into believing that the state should get it's dues when it comes to you owning something you have a natural right to. Yes, we said natural right, not Constitutional right because the Constitution as we all know (or you will after this sentence) only guarantees rights which are inherent to mankind absent of government.New Jersey...we learned not to take you seriously after MTV put on Jersey Shore. We didn't think we could take you less serious than we did then, you proved us wrong. Great job (emphatic sarcasm)!

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