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Nike and Our Weekly Outrage

Veteran News
Veteran News
July 2, 2019
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Cue the weekly outrage. Yes, Nike on the advice of Colin Kaepernick decided not to release a Betsy Ross inspired flag sneaker. Are we good and mad? Good. Now stop, go buy some other shit instead of Nike. While it is true that at times social media backlash can be wielded as a powerful tool, a company like Nike doesn't give a shit. Even after their commercial with Colin Kaepernick and everyone thought it'd be the end of Nike...guess wasn't. In fact, their stocks increased in value. Imagine that.You're talking about a company that everyone assumes makes all their shit in sweatshops overseas and yet, still going strong. So what is your outrage doing? Providing free marketing, as is this piece. We've already said Nike...five times. Guess who is on your mind right now? Nike.Getting angry on Facebook is like being a drywall punching, Kyle. Yeah, we get it, you're angry, but what good are you really doing. Nike already signed Kaepernick as a spokesperson. Do you think they really give a shit about the people getting mad on Facebook? They don't because you're not their demographic. They're not trying to sell to you.So with all that being said. Are we now done with our weekly outrage? If you don't approve of what Nike is doing, then don't talk about them, don't let them live rent-free in your mind. Treat them as if they never existed, because if the words Nike come out of your mouth at all, you've done exactly what they wanted. Gotten you talking about them again.Aside from the last maybe...3 years, name a time that Nike has made waves and you've focused on talking about what Nike is doing. Hard to right? Aside from the Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods era. Now people are talking about them all the time...hmm wonder if that marketing team knows what it's doing.There is no such thing as bad press because it creates mental availability. It's always on the mind and companies, just so you know...want to have strong mental availability. So get mad. Rage out. Punch the metaphorical drywall with your rant on Facebook about how Nike hates America...they just won and you handed it to them on a silver platter.

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