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North Korea Demands Cargo Ship Back

Veteran News
Veteran News
May 15, 2019
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Lol no.Shit isn't going to play out like that. What a bunch of fuggin' potatoes demanding this...obviously it's to save face, but the ship was clearly caught violating U.N. sanctions on North Korea regarding its coal trade which has been used to finance the big boom weapons they've been trying to intimidate everyone with. So now it's our ship. Maybe...maybe just maybe we'd consider giving it back if North Korea gives us back the USS Pueblo.The ship, the 'Wise Honest' oh man, we still get a kick out of that name...the irony is a beautiful thing, is currently in American Samoa undergoing inspections. There seems to be no plan to return the ship to North Korea but who knows what concessions will be made at the bargaining table should talks on denuclearization be reignited. They'll probably demand that in order for talks to go forward their smuggling ship needs to be back in their hands and we'll obviously be like "Yeah, no that's not going to happen."We feel like the only appropriate thing to do after all of the inspections have been completed is to scrap it and use some of the steel and other bits and pieces in our weapons, so like, not only did North Korea lose a ship, they also contributed metal for bomb casings and brass for ammunition. It may not be flashy, and it may not be sexy, but to us, the thought of dropping a bomb or using any weapons that we made from salvaging the ship on that Commie shitstain just...well it brings a smile to our face.Whatever we do with it though, we definitely shouldn't give it back, not unless we get the Pueblo...and even then...like...we should totally sabotage it and send it to the ocean floor once we get the Pueblo back.Let this be a lesson, even though we hate the U.N. it's hilarious to us when we get to strategically take equipment to another location or S.T.E.A.L North Korea's shit over violating United Nations sanctions.

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