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North Korea Executes Diplomat

Veteran News
Veteran News
May 31, 2019
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Well, it wouldn't quite be North Korea if they weren't executing people for failing at their jobs. The diplomat in charge of talks with the United States over the nuclear disarmament, along with several of his subordinates were executed back in March for their failure. The official charge? Being wooed by us grungy Capitalist American Pig Dogs!Kim Hyok Chol was the guy leading the charge for Pyongyang, but now it looks like they'll have to find a new guy, we don't really expect a ton of applications for the position though as it seems to be a...temporary position based on the whims of "Supreme Leader" Kim Jong Un. We know that's actually what he is, but we enjoy putting quotes around it because Commies and dictators don't really deserve their titles and it's fun for us to take the pot shots that we can.Four of his brethren from the Foreign Ministry were also un-alived by the North Korean regime for their failure in the February talks in Hanoi. Heavy emphasis on the sarcasm coming up folks...What a great country. Man if only we lived in such an awesome country where being a diplomat was as dangerous as being a convicted felon on death row with no appeals left we would just be sooooo happy. Ok, sarcasm over.Now we gotta get to know a new guy in that position and we're going to have to pay him off to betray North Korea and then he'll get caught because *sigh* they always get caught and then he'll get executed because he's really on our side or something like that, then we'll start the whole process over again with a new guy, unless of course, we could just talk purely with Kim Jong-Un...then have the talks fail, then maybe, just maybe we might get him to execute himself...but North Korea isn't that stupid...are they? No, we could hope but sadly no.

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