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North Korea: No Chill

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 1, 2019
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Earlier this week, North Korea released statements telling the US it needs to "hurry up" regarding nuclear negotiations. All month they have been "testing" various weapons systems, some of which they have not tested in years. Trying to say something Kim?Yeah, we don't care. You see, while North Korea might be testing their toys, we have been out getting bad guys to blow themselves up. The NK's senior official even tried to say the US was "getting on their nerves" because we are trying to appropriate a full denuclearization. So they're mad that we aren't playing their game.North Korea wants us to let up a little on the nuclear sanctions against them and we just aren't having it. Well, when you test all your toys and continue to attempt to brandish your "strength," we aren't going to take lightly to that. It kind of shows us that you're saying to our face that you're ignoring us.Recently they have tested underwater missiles and then a couple of rockets that even made Japan raise an eyebrow. Not too sure you want to scratch that itch either, Supreme Leader.So, maybe we will ignore you for a bit too? Or, maybe we are working on a way to caveat your temper tantrums with a real conclusion to this debacle. Or, maybe still, we just have bigger fuckin' fish to fry. After all, these ISIS shits have been a thorn in our ass and we finally had a good shot, so we took it.At the end of the day, North Korea needs to chill a bit. We still have a couple of months to go until the end of the year and maybe, if they stopped throwing a temper tantrum for five minutes, we might be able to have a real conversation again.

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