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Hong Kong: Nothing to See Here

Veteran News
Veteran News
March 11, 2020
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It appears that one of our favorite topics to talk about (Hong Kong protests) has hung around. The protests in Hong Kong have lost some popularity as they are being dwarfed by the COVID-19 Virus. Everyone wants to talk about COVID-19 it seems and nobody wants to talk about how the protests are still going on. The protestors, bravely enough are showing more concern that the virus will take them out instead of Beijing, as they continue to protest against increasing authoritarian intervention from Beijing. But due to the virus, many large media outlets have all but forgotten about the struggle for freedom in Hong Kong.What started out as protests against extradition to China for actions that were only criminal in mainland China (due to the one country two systems setup), have morphed and evolved into an outright demand for democracy with some groups even calling for the right to keep and bear arms, much like our second amendment. China and the Hong Kong police however, have not budged and amid the hullabaloo that the Coronavirus created, these demands, coverage of these protestors are now being dropped in favor of fear-mongering over the virus.As serious as the coronavirus may or may not be, the fact is media outlets have done little to nothing to quell the mass hysteria that led to people emptying their local "buy in bulk" stores of toilet paper and bottled water instead of that thing that could actually help against the virus...like soap. Long forgotten it seems, are the citizens of Hong Kong as they continue, despite the virus to protest the overreaching leadership both locally and way far away in Beijing, along with the brutal treatment from local police.So if you haven't bought into the panicky fear-mongering stories about how Coronavirus is going to end all human life, then pour one out for the homies in Hong Kong. They're still protesting, albeit in small groups of non-infected persons, but they are still getting their protest on.Imagine that, being so pissed off at your government that you're willing to risk yourself to the alleged virus to end all viruses.

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