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Oh Russia

Veteran News
Veteran News
March 20, 2019
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Do you all know how I continually call Russia the Diet Soviet Union, or Communist Lite? It's a pretty common trope that I really enjoy throwing out there because honestly, when your president is a former KGB operative who nonchalantly walks into Ukraine and says "This is mine,"(it's much funnier if you say it in a thick Russian accent), violates an intermediate ballistic missile treaty, then passes laws that criminalize disrespecting the state and spreading "fake news".While the second part of that sounds like good news...remember the first part where it's illegal to disrespect the state. So you can't disrespect the state...and your real news, since it disrespects the state...could become fake news...according to the state. Because above all else, you must be loyal to the part...state (almost called it what it is there for a second). The great thing about all of this is...WE DON'T LIVE IN DIET SOVIET UNION!In case you don't read a lot of books, history has shown that governments who censor free speech, or criminalize people critical of the government, tend to also be the places where mass graves are found. Don't ask us why we're just following the trend line...we think it has maybe, possibly something to do with an oligarchy that doesn't like to be challenged...(in case you didn't realize, I'm being extremely sarcastic here, of course, that's why they censor that shit and kill people who don't fall in line)If you write or share anything that “exhibits blatant disrespect for the society, government, official government symbols, constitution or governmental bodies of Russia,” you will be punished. For instance, right now...I'd be punished...if I lived in Communist Lite Russia. I don't though. So I'm not worried. The KGB will not be waiting for me at my house when I get home tonight...or maybe they will, but at least if they are, I've got a solid chance of getting the ever elusive "justifiable, legal, CONUS kill". One can hope, right?

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