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One Billion Shot Takes Robbers

Veteran News
Veteran News
July 14, 2016
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When Jose Marquez visited his girlfriend at her apartment, he never expected to be involved in a firefight. No one expected the one in a billion shot that would help save his life.Marquez, a Jefferson County sheriff's deputy and 10-year vet, was involved in the off-duty shooting in January and has just been cleared. The incident occurred when he went out to his car to get something, and was approached by two men wearing masks. When they proceeded to try and rob him, Marquez resisted and they pulled pistols.That's when things got REALLY interesting.


An Impossible Shot

Jose was shot in the shoulder and the abdomen, but he returned fire.“I’m not dying today. Not today. Another day, maybe. It’s not my time yet,” he told investigators in this report.One of the robbers has now been identified as Jhalil Meshesha; the other is still at large. In total, four shots were fired by Marquez, while twelve shots were fired from the suspects. And as investigators took a look at the evidence, they discovered something incredible.One of the bullets, in an unbelievable twist, actually traveled straight down the barrel of Jhalil Meshesha's gun, and disabled it. No, we're not kidding. Police are calling it a "one in a billion shot."Marquez survived the encounter and managed to wound Meshesha in the leg. The would-be robber was arrested shortly thereafter, after he called police to report that he had been shot.That's karma for you.While Marquez is still in recovery from the wounds he suffered that night, he still remains hopeful for the future. He has still not returned to duty, however.Investigators have still not determined if the shooting was simply a robbery or an attempt on Marquez's life. What is perfectly clear is that he is lucky to be alive, and he should also have bought a lottery ticket that day.

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