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Police in Hong Kong Fired Live Rounds, Struck Individual

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 1, 2019
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A protestor has been shot with live ammunition by the police in Hong Kong. The police in Hong Kong have either made an extremely grievous error in judgment or they have willingly decided that opening fire on protestors is the choice they as an organization want to make. Which, in and of itself is in our opinion a grievous error in judgment despite the fact that the protestors were throwing things. The man was shot at almost point-blank range in the chest with a handgun.Fuck. How did we know some shit was going to go down? Is it because we're clairvoyant? Or is it because we have ESPN? It's none of those. Rather it's because we knew that at the very onset of this, big China would not be embarrassed by their citizens in Hong Kong for long. We didn't mean for that to rhyme it just kind of did.Communist nations, which are basically dictatorships with the appearance of democratically elected officials, hate being challenged. To them, the state is the end all be all religion and way of life. You either worship the state or the state sends you to glorious re-education camps where you can think about your disloyalty by turning big rocks into small rocks OR you can just have your brain housing group perforated by several high-speed projectiles.There is always the chance that one man being shot will quell the protestors and get them in line. Nobody WANTS to be shot, but...then again, based on the "WHY" regarding these current protests, which is police brutality during the protests of the extradition bill...we're not entirely sure this is the route the Hong Kong police should be taking, but our best guess is that the order came from way outside of Hong Kong, maybe even this place called Beijing.Sometimes people don't realize how one bullet can change the course of the world, but we've seen this before, haven't we? Wasn't it one bullet that sent us on a collision course for World War I? Don't get us wrong, we're not asserting that this unnamed man is of the stature of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, but...he is the first to be shot and this one shot, could turn the protests into an outright riot.

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