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Popular Opinion: Bring Back Death Penalty for Spies

Veteran News
Veteran News
April 4, 2019
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As the years go by, we find certain practices that at a time in our history were...pragmatic for that time period. Usually, we evolve and find a better way forward. However, when it comes to spies, I'm not that forgiving. Don't get me wrong and think for a minute that I am giving my tacit permission and approval to everything we do as a nation, we screw up a lot of shit, but I can assure you, none of them consult me, know I exist or give a flying two shits about my opinion so there's that...but I definitely think we need to bring back the death penalty for spies. That practice is not ill-suited for the issue we've been having lately with our spy problem. It is a holdover from the past, but it's a practice that'll probably work.Now don't get me wrong, from the numerous fictional novels on spycraft that I've read and the fact that I'm a huge James Bond fan, I know a ton about spycraft and intelligence gathering operations (that is a joke, it's meant to be tongue in cheek, don't get all uppity). I know from time to time we "flip" spies. Get them to work as double agents and it's all part of the big game of intelligence gathering. I'm not saying we kill those dudes.I'm not even really sure I have a plan, but I do know that quite recently, and at least in my lifetime, we've had a huge issue with people spying on behalf of China. China is probably a bigger threat than Russia at this moment in time seeing as how Russians can barely afford shoes (no that's not a joke, that's an actual statistic from Rosststat, a Russian state-run statistics agency).In my short time here I think I've reported on two to three Americans (Kevin Mallory, Jerry Chun Shing Lee, and Ron Rockwell Hansen) who were lured into spying for China for a super low price. Now, I've already said I'd never betray my country, but if I were to do so, you'd have to have a shitload more zeros to the left of the decimal than these guys got. A few hundred thousand dollars...weak sauce.Bro, if you're going to sell out your nation for a few hundred thousand dollars, you get the death penalty for treason and for being a really, really, really, really, big moron. Second biggest GDP in the world and all you get is a few hundred thousand dollars.Pathetic. Off with their heads.

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