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Putin Vows to Remain in Power Till 2036

Veteran News
Veteran News
March 11, 2020
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The "president" of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin has the backing of at least one of his nation's parliamentary bodies regarding a constitutional amendment put forth by Valentina Tareshkov, the first woman to fly in space. The amendment would either scrap Russia's term limits altogether or reset Putin's counter so that all of his time as president so far doesn't count towards the term limits.Unsurprisingly the Duma, Russia's lower parliamentary body, similar to our House of Representatives, voted 383-0 with 43 abstaining voted in favor of the resolution. Why is it unsurprising? Well when you have a guy that used to be a KGB officer running the country whose critics or opponents tend to wind up dead, you get the idea that maybe the people in the Duma are either in on Putin's "authoritarian by another name" scheme or they really really really enjoy breathing.Critics of the amendment were quite vocal and insisted that there be protests to the ongoing authoritarian practices. The protests would take place on March 21st...Um...you guys, if you tell the potentially murderous authoritarian WHEN the protests are going to happen...do you think something ISN'T going to happen? Just an honest question.Putin is quoted as saying "The president is a guarantor of security of our state, its internal stability and evolutionary development. We have had enough revolutions."Do you guys know how to tell if a dictator is a dictator? It's when he views the changing of powers via the presidential election as a sort of revolution. That's not something that people who like and care about democracy should hear and think "Yes, this is an ok statement." The only reason, (and we're taking a pretty big gamble assuming, but it's one we're cool with) someone would view leaving office due to election as a revolution is because they believe they're entitled to rule until they die.At the end of the day, we have just one question.Is the Russia Putin leads becoming stronger and more aggressive under him?If the answer is no, then we don't really care that he'll be there for life. Keep getting weaker homie. But, if the answer is yes, this is going to be an issue.What are your thoughts?

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