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Shed a Tear for Disney

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 8, 2019
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Or rather, fucking...ya know...don't. Disney is kinda the big mad at the "circumstances" as they describe it in Hong Kong. Why? Because in the fourth quarter their operating income dropped by a whopping $55 million. Oh yeah, Disney is not happy with the "circumstances" in Hong Kong at all. And they're really upset about losing that money, so we should all take pity on them. Boo-fucking-hoo for fucking Disney.

“Circumstances in Hong Kong have led to a significant decrease in tourism from China and other parts of Asia and based on the trends we saw in Q4, and what we are seeing so far in Q1,” - Christine McCarthy, chief financial officer at Disney

Do ya know what else happened kids? They expect their operating income at Hong Kong Disneyland for the first quarter to be EVEN lower than the fourth quarter, perhaps dropping by $80 million dollars. And what's more is despite growth in other areas, this whole Hong Kong debacle has offset the growth at TWO parks. Both Disneyland Paris and Shanghai Disney Resorts showed great growth, but man, those pesky freedom wanters in Hong Kong really fucked it up for Mickey, and we all know, you don't fuck with the mouse. (sarcasm intensifies)We hope everyone gets our sarcastic tone. We definitely think that since Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck aren't wielding their massive Disney donghammer to support the cause of liberty and freedom in Hong Kong, nobody should cry for them. Fuck those guys (not Hong Kong, Disney).Let us just go grab a bix box of fucking tissue paper to wipe away the crocodile tears we're crying over this. How dare those protestors ask for basic human rights, what a bunch of assholes, right Disney? Them and the "circumstances" in Hong Kong.Really, how dare they be so selfish and cut into the massive Mickey Mouse budget. Too bad it couldn't have cut funding for the abysmal train wreck that was "The Last Jedi".

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