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Unraveling the BS: Indiana's Latest Controversy

Veteran News
Veteran News
June 6, 2019
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Kids can be cruel. They don't know any better. Their brains aren't fully formed with the same type of cognitive abilities that adults have. However...adults can be just as shitty, if not way f***in' worse as illustrated by the story we're about to tell you.Akalis Castejon, a non-verbal autistic child in Gary, Indiana was given an award by his fifth-grade teacher for...get this shit..."Most Annoying Male". No. We're not sensationalizing it. It's plain as day on the trophy. Even if it was a joke, like come to the f*** on teacher. You're an adult.If there is one way to really get under our skin, it's when people ridicule others for things that they can't control. Akalis didn't choose to be Autistic. He didn't choose to have a different life than anyone else, but this teacher saw fit to make him aware of his situation via humiliation.We're pretty harsh and pretty dark here, but we are that with the expectation that you readers are adults and you can discern between what is clearly a joke and what is not. We also don't make a habit of picking on children, because well...we're not gigantic pieces of flaming shit.

Adults are one thing. We pick on Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin and Nicholas Maduro because well, they're garbage ass tyrants. But Akalis...he's a kid who doesn't need the world being harsher for him than it already is.We're not going to lie, we're pretty fired up over this and want to go full cowabunga up in Indiana because this is not the type of shit that Ron Swanson would f***in tolerate.Should the teacher be fired...like...if you're going to show that level of immaturity, maybe this job isn't for you. Maybe it was a lapse in judgment, we've all had those, but it's really difficult for us to get on the side of an adult who belittled a special needs child. We really want to try and be unbiased here, but it just isn't happening. You don't do that shit to a kid.This lady is deserving of our Asshole of the Week award.

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