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The Travesty and Abuse of Red Flag Laws

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 15, 2019
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Ahh, Massachusets, one of the birthplaces of the American brand of liberty. How far hast thou fallen from once beautiful overtures of freedom and liberty? Where once patriots dumped tea into a harbor over unfair taxation, now it revokes a right it has not the authority to revoke of a man who stood as a stalwart defender both abroad and domestically of our ideals. Red Flag Laws. No due process. No thought. Just confiscation.Meet Stephen Nichols, an 84-year-old Korean War veteran and veteran Law Enforcement Officer with nearly 60 years of service. Stephen, like most hard-dick Communist killing badasses, decided he wouldn't go quietly into the night and spend his retired years sitting on a couch. No, once again he served his community, as a crossing guard at Tisbury School.Editors note: I'd have been honored to have this man watch over my kids as a crossing guard.Stephen though is the latest to fall victim to Red Flag Laws, of which, we once had hope that it'd be a nothing legislation, but have since grown wise and seen that it will not only be used but abused in the most profane ways.See, Stephen was not too thrilled that the School Resource Officer (SRO), left his post at the school while children were arriving, to get his morning coffee at the local convenient store. While eating at a restaurant, he lamented that he thought those actions were in poor form, as both a law enforcement and military veteran, Stephen thought it best that if your job is to secure a location, you ought to be at the location.Stephen said that in the time it took the SRO to get his coffee, a school shooting or another tragic event could occur, due to the SRO's absence. A waitress overheard this and reported him to the police. Nichols was then fired from his job and followed to his home where he was ordered to give up his weapons. His concealed carry permit was also revoked and taken from him.Now, this all seems really absurd, right? So we kind of want to withhold our knee jerk much as we can...but, can we say the following statement and then wait for everything to come out?What in the ever-living fuck Massachusets?

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