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The United States, Russia, and "That Asshole Venezuela"

Veteran News
Veteran News
March 28, 2019
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The ever boring and annoying question of will they or won't they still lingers amidst growing turmoil in Venezuela between Russia and the United States. Not surprising, Russia supports the super socialist...some might even say Communist (at least if they were being honest with themselves), Nicolas Maduro who didn't really fall far from the Hugo Chavez tree. The United States obviously supports the removal of Maduro in favor of Juan Guaidó. Where is Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte when you need him for some helicopter rides (just kidding guys)?We can only guess what the next steps are going to be after Russia boldly supplies and military advisers/technicians in Venezuela earlier this week. A move that Moscow defended, because in all honesty...why the f*** wouldn't they? They know the game they are playing, it's not like suddenly Moscow is going to sit there and say,"Gee guys, we really didn't see that landing military personnel might be taken as a sign of escalation given that we're at odds with the United States over this whole Venezuela ordeal."If anyone believes Russia would ever say or do something like that given the current state of the world, go haze yourself until we get tired of you hazing yourself. You're going to be there for a while.The United States, on the other hand, refused at least publicly to take any action off the table. The story, as it is right now, maintains that the United States will continue to impose more and more sanctions until the illegitimate Nicolas Maduro gives up power. Military action has not been ruled out either, hasn't been explicitly threatened either.Again, given almost 20 years of endless war and an inability to secure an actual long lasting commanders intent, most people in the United States couldn't give two flying f***s what is happening in Venezuela, they just don't want another war there.So like we said at the beginning, the annoying question of will they or won't they still exists as this shitshow becomes a marathon as opposed to a sprint.

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