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VA Secretary Uses Disney to Explain Wait Times

Veteran News
Veteran News
May 23, 2016
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VA Secretary: Disney Doesn't Care About Wait Times, Why Should We?

Once again, the VA is in the news. This time for the VA Secretary comparing the long wait times for Veterans to get care and the long wait for people to get on a ride at Disney, and if Disney doesn't measure the success of their park based on wait times, than why should the VA measure success on that either...well for starters, people aren't dying while waiting for a ride. Those people waiting in lines for rides didn't volunteer to fight overseas knowing full well that if they were injured, the government promised to take care of them (well, some of them might have. Veterans enjoy theme parks too). No, Mr. Secretary, this is not a fantasy land, full of memories that they'll reminisce and laugh about for years to come. This is real people, who are hurt or dying, waiting to get the medical care that they have earned and deserve.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald downplayed Monday the time it takes for veterans to receive medical treatment by comparing the "experience" of waiting for health care to Disneyland guests waiting for a ride.

VA Secretary

"When you go to Disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? Or what's important?" McDonald told reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast in Washington. "What's important is what's your satisfaction with the experience?"

Read the full story from CNNNot only did you once again alienate and lose trust from the Veteran community, you flat out said that you do not care how long our Veterans have to wait in line to get medical care. Embarrassing. Besides, Disney hosts a significant amount more people every day and still probably has better wait times than the VA.

VA Secretary

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